The personal energy alignment comes from the study of healing therapies of the Indian tribes from the Brazilian regions of Amazon and Parana. The healers (called Shamans) have been using rituals involving herbs, plants, initiation dances, singing and other rites. Aloysio Delgado Nascimento (a Brazilian Pharmacist) lived 14 years with several of those tribes to study and learn those cures done by the Shamans.

Removing from the healing process all kinds of traditional rituals which only make sense for the ones who live inside this specific culture, Aloysio extracted the essence of the Shaman's therapy method. This is how Personal Energy Alignment (PEA) came to us, Aloyso returning to the city, helping people and teaching this new therapy. This is how it works:

Since we are born, we are living experiences that build our own personality. Throughout our life, we are subject to diverse external influences that bring us closer or further from our true nature or essence. Our relationship with our parents, friends, society, the perception they have of ourselves, build our own identity and belief system. We call all of these small “self” personal energy parts (PEP).

The Personal Energy Alignment is a holistic type therapy that involves the sensorial perception of a extra sensitive person (called a shaman) and which aims to improve our self knowledge and free ourselves from deadlock, repeating situation or emotional blocks that prevent us from finding a good well-being in our life.

During a session, through a reading of our energy field, a diagnostic is established to detect our life conflicts (the conscious and/or unconscious ones and the internal and/or external ones) that prevent us from realizing ourselves and fulfill our potential. The Shaman then reflects like in a looking glass our own feelings and thoughts and find out which unbalanced emotions act negatively in our life. The Shaman gives effective tools to transform our negative memory and cement the energy treatment achieved. This process helps you to reprogram our negative emotions generated by our conscious or unconscious experience and better make the most of yourself.

This personal development work helps bringing the law of attraction (as described in "The Secret") to our favor and bring happiness to our lives.

Who can benefit from the PEA ?
. People feeling those deadlock, repeating situation or emotional blocks.
. People interested in personal development, in search of his true self or a higher conscience
. Sick, sad or depressed people lacking from joie de vivre or cheerful disposition.
. Stressed, anxious, nervous people in search of a peaceful state of mind.
. Those in conflict with themselves and/or the outside world (parents, partner, work…).
. Those searching their full potential or a goal in their life.

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