What is Personal Energy Alignment?

We often feel that something is not complying with our essence patterns. We are not always able to find out by ourselves in time what is wrong with us.

Many times, we search for help in various consultation rooms and institutions but cannot find any solution. Most of the times, our mind contains the solution to our problem. By transmuting non physical parts of what is inside our mind (consciousness and unconsciousness), which we call Personal Energy Parts (PEP), we can make a substantial change in our life. Those personal energy parts are usually related to emotions or beliefs.

In this situation, being driven by the help of a holistic therapist who, with extra sensorial perception and ability, sees the human being as a whole, helps digging within our mind and identify those emotions and beliefs. This kind of work requires strong knowledge and sensibility in relation to the human nature.

The Personal Energy Alignment is a path to solve the problems that cause disharmonies and discomforts, bringing balance, helping with someone’s issues and problems, and leading to deep improvement of the quality of life.

The alignment of the Personal Energy Parts (PEP) is a work that connects us to our Higher Self, opening doors from our darkest side and brightening it immediately, so we can make necessary changes happen in our life and therefore, responding to the planet’s call to increase people’s awareness in order to bring prompter change in the world.

Rescuing our own history by re-interpreting it immediately in our unconsciousness is also a form to raise people’s awareness, keeping up with the objective of untying the chains that prevent us from going forward in our life, stay healthy and have emotional and mental poise.

The direct access path to the reading of the Personal Energy Parts (PEP) that accompany the physical body of everyone, facilitates the transformation and transmutation of the Human being. This gives the opportunity to a person to express his/her potential and therefore, achieve his/her dream more effectively.

In this personal growth work, You are your own Master

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