Dominique, consultant

One of the things I appreciate most as a result of a PEA consulting is that I am now able to free myself from some painful things that occurred in my life. I got aware that we often unconsciously maintain in our mind our negative experiences and feel good in this position of a victim. I even tried to consciously reproduce this pattern and amazingly, I could not continue to act like that. There is no point holding dear on those negative experiences and I was able to move on.

Catherine, Artist & Coach

I greatly appreciated Carlos in his deeply honest and legitimate way of helping others. His technique and the Mantra he gave me helped me to balance my life and lighten my preoccupations.

René, coach & computer analyst,

Every time I feel down, I call my mantra and it works. After connecting me with this new balanced energy inside of me, my anxiety diminishes. I am also more willing to listen and observe myself in order not to repeat the things that have been treated. I really have the feeling that I am entering in a more joyful and peaceful period. As far as my fears are concerned, I noticed that they dropped down quite a bit. I really hope I can keep those good feelings about myself.

Virginie, Consultant & Business owner

I keep a great impression from my meeting with Carlos. Since I did a PEA, I feel a great serenity. But there also is another great change which is extraordinary for me. I do not hesitate to introduce, launch or sell myself more freely to all potential clients. And this is a major progress for me as I have my own business.

Céline Egyptologist

I went to meet Carlos with a curious and interested state of mind. I left enthusiastic and interrogative. The first image the shaman saw in me made total sense. Then, he expressed some aspects of my character which are blocking my personal growth. Along the session, I felt like a warm fluid passing through my body. Maybe it was only the emotion? In the end, I really felt tired. As far as the mantra is concerned, he totally represents what I feel.

Today, I feel more serene and it seems that my relationship with others is easier. The angle of the session has been a confirmation of a change I deeply felt (more or less consciously) inside of me. I only did not know how to gather the faith and turn my feelings into actions. This Personal growth work helped me to bring faith in me and act according to my deep feelings.

Annabelle – Holistic Therapist & psychologist

Carlos gave me a different look about the personal issues that I need to work on.

It’s like looking at a painting that we’ve known for years and suddenly it appears different. Or like reading a book for the second time and perceive new things.

I also feel a great relief as well as the acceleration of a inner transformation that I started some time ago and that ends a period, a slice of my life.

I mostly appreciated the finesse and accurate reading of Carlos as well as the combination of firmness and gentleness of his character. The session was very peaceful and pleasant. Because I regularly do “spiritual” check ups to see if my personal development work goes forward in the right direction or not in order to understand what I need to focus on to continue to grow. And most shamanic therapies that I’ve done use scathing, raw and virulent methods. This happened because I consciously stimulated those meetings as there were responding to my deep need to go directly to the essential, to crush my ego and gain a precious time.

When you talk about the notion of courage, I completely agree with you. Because if we are given some keys and insights, the real job is ours and we are the only one who can turn it to action.

We need to feel the fire from within, feel the constant desire to progress inside of us and go forward. Unfortunately, people often assess the effort, the discipline and constant work to accomplish, the meaning of the fight and the need to show one’s willingness to act to evolve and change, they quickly abandon out of laziness or apathy.

The Shamanism way is very comprehensive because it access to a spiritual dimension, as opposed to the conservative psychology which is only based on the mental plan (my initial formation). As in Carlos’ readings and healing technique, it seems indispensable to me to bring up past lives (or the baggage that our ancestors left us) in order to understand the origin or our defense mechanism, emotional blocks or innate qualities.

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