Benefits resulting from a Personal Energy Alignment are quite diverse and usually depend on the follow-up of the work done by the person. This therapy provides a change within our energy field vibration changing our frequency level that will allow us to attract more positive situation in accordance with our own evolution. The Law of attraction, explained in various movies (what the bleep do we know, the secret, the peaceful warrior…) or books (the secret by Rhonda byrne, the law of attraction by Michael Losier, the 7 laws of success by Deepak Chopra…), will be greatly stimulated by this work.

Our energy level being now better balanced, we won’t feel the same in front of repeated or deadlock situation. But our mind is so powerful that we will still remember our way of acting even though we feel the situation is different and that there might be a way to act different. Our mind is a great tool to advance in life but can also bring us bad influence by impelling us to repeat patterns that assure a superficial and false control and freedom against a situation.

Calling our mantra (or password) is an mental access to this balanced energy and to our true self. This is a personal keyword that will drive you to make the changes that you want in our life.

PEA offers us the opportunity to change what is no longer needed in our life. Results of a consultation are mostly diverse and depend on the person discipline and work afterwards. It’s giving him/her the tools to make his/her own decisions but the person will always decide to do it or not. For sure, something will change in his/her life to allow the person become his/her full-self.

When the energy has been (re)balanced and the person integrated the change in, practical change in his/her life can happen very fast. Conscience has been raised and life moves on, more accordingly to our true essence for which the Universe will always fight for and give us as many opportunities as we'd need for us to find out who we really are.

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