The origin of Personal Energy Alignment

The Shaman Aloysio Delgado Nascimento has been recognized in Brazil thanks to results obtained in cures from diseases considered incurable and by the improvement of the life quality level of many people.

His work research took him to live and learn with many Brazilian native Indian tribes in Amazon and Parana for more than 14 years. Graduated in Pharmacy and Agronomy, he has done energetic cures and herbal medicine therapies, finding answers to the inner alchemy.

He has developed an extra-sensorial perception of the personal energy field aiming to transmit us his knowledge and his love. He has taught his healing techniques to many and offered us the opportunity to continue and spread this wonderful work.

The personal energy alignment comes from the study of the Brazilian Native Indian tribes (Regions of Amazon & Parana) healing therapies. The healers (called Shamans) have been using rituals involving herbs, plants, initiation involving dances, singing and other rites depending on their traditions and culture. Aloysio lived with several of those tribes and participated to many of those rituals. Experiencing many different rituals which healing concepts were similar, he realized that a specific ritual was not necessary to process with the cure.

Then, after 14 years of study, he received the insight that he should come back to the city in order to spread his findings. That's when he came up with the name of "Personal Energy Alignment" (Alinhamento Energético" in Portuguese) and start practicing and teaching this truly innovative therapy without using any specific rituals and in the simplest manner.

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