During a personal energy alignment session, the following steps occur:

  • Reading
  • Catching / Picking up
  • Therapeutic Looking / leadership
  • Transmutation
  • Return to origins
  • Guardians/Passwords

    Without rituals, in the simplest manner, the person (subject) receiving the energy alignment, acts as the observer, in the presence of 2 therapists: one having the role of “channeler”, the other leading the session.

  • A Reading of the person's energy field will first be done. This is a personal diagnostic that will help to detect the subject's life conflicts (the conscious and/or unconscious ones and the internal and/or external ones) that prevent him/her to make the most out of himself/herself. As opposed to other kind of personal work, the person does not have to talk about his/her problems. Those are directly seen and raised by the therapist. Following the reading, the person will be able to converse with the therapist in order to well understand how those behaviors affect to his/her life.

    Then, psychological and emotional contents are raised and expressed to the person (catching/picking up). Those can be found in the person’s conscious or unconscious energy fields and the ones that are “caught” by the therapist are the ones that generate unbalance and conflicts in our life. As opposed to most types of therapies, the subject does not have to talk about his/her problems. This is the channeler who will "see", express and define - in agreement with the person - what problems or matters should be treated.

    These contents, which we call unbalanced “Personal Energy Parts”, are then worked by the therapist facilitator (Therapeutic looking/leadership), and led to the Unity Plan (where they will be Transmuted), renewing themselves with pure energy and strength (Return to origins), for them to act as personal guardians (Guardians/Passwords), providing psycho –emotional poise, health and prosperity. Those guardians can be seen as password or mantra that can help us reprogramming our memory and make happen necessary change in our life in accordance to our true essence.

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