The personal energy alignment comes from the study of healing therapies of the Indian tribes from the Brazilian regions of Amazon and Parana. The healers (called Shamans) have been using rituals involving herbs, plants, initiation dances, singing and other rites. Aloysio Delgado Nascimento (a Brazilian Pharmacist) lived 14 years with several of those tribes to study and learn those cures done by the Shamans.

Removing from the healing process all kinds of traditional rituals which only make sense for the ones who live inside this specific culture, Aloysio extracted the essence of the Shaman's therapy method. This is how Personal Energy Alignment (PEA) came to us, Aloyso returning to the city, helping people and teaching this new therapy. This is how it works:

Since we are born, we are living experiences that build our own personality. Throughout our life, we are subject to diverse external influences that bring us closer or further from our true nature or essence. Our relationship with our parents, friends, society, the perception they have of ourselves, build our own identity and belief system. We call all of these small “self” personal energy parts (PEP).

The Personal Energy Alignment is a holistic type therapy that involves the sensorial perception of a extra sensitive person (called a shaman) and which aims to improve our self knowledge and free ourselves from deadlock, repeating situation or emotional blocks that prevent us from finding a good well-being in our life.

During a session, through a reading of our energy field, a diagnostic is established to detect our life conflicts (the conscious and/or unconscious ones and the internal and/or external ones) that prevent us from realizing ourselves and fulfill our potential. The Shaman then reflects like in a looking glass our own feelings and thoughts and find out which unbalanced emotions act negatively in our life. The Shaman gives effective tools to transform our negative memory and cement the energy treatment achieved. This process helps you to reprogram our negative emotions generated by our conscious or unconscious experience and better make the most of yourself.

This personal development work helps bringing the law of attraction (as described in "The Secret") to our favor and bring happiness to our lives.

Who can benefit from the PEA ?
. People feeling those deadlock, repeating situation or emotional blocks.
. People interested in personal development, in search of his true self or a higher conscience
. Sick, sad or depressed people lacking from joie de vivre or cheerful disposition.
. Stressed, anxious, nervous people in search of a peaceful state of mind.
. Those in conflict with themselves and/or the outside world (parents, partner, work…).
. Those searching their full potential or a goal in their life.

What is Personal Energy Alignment?

We often feel that something is not complying with our essence patterns. We are not always able to find out by ourselves in time what is wrong with us.

Many times, we search for help in various consultation rooms and institutions but cannot find any solution. Most of the times, our mind contains the solution to our problem. By transmuting non physical parts of what is inside our mind (consciousness and unconsciousness), which we call Personal Energy Parts (PEP), we can make a substantial change in our life. Those personal energy parts are usually related to emotions or beliefs.

In this situation, being driven by the help of a holistic therapist who, with extra sensorial perception and ability, sees the human being as a whole, helps digging within our mind and identify those emotions and beliefs. This kind of work requires strong knowledge and sensibility in relation to the human nature.

The Personal Energy Alignment is a path to solve the problems that cause disharmonies and discomforts, bringing balance, helping with someone’s issues and problems, and leading to deep improvement of the quality of life.

The alignment of the Personal Energy Parts (PEP) is a work that connects us to our Higher Self, opening doors from our darkest side and brightening it immediately, so we can make necessary changes happen in our life and therefore, responding to the planet’s call to increase people’s awareness in order to bring prompter change in the world.

Rescuing our own history by re-interpreting it immediately in our unconsciousness is also a form to raise people’s awareness, keeping up with the objective of untying the chains that prevent us from going forward in our life, stay healthy and have emotional and mental poise.

The direct access path to the reading of the Personal Energy Parts (PEP) that accompany the physical body of everyone, facilitates the transformation and transmutation of the Human being. This gives the opportunity to a person to express his/her potential and therefore, achieve his/her dream more effectively.

In this personal growth work, You are your own Master

The origin of Personal Energy Alignment

The Shaman Aloysio Delgado Nascimento has been recognized in Brazil thanks to results obtained in cures from diseases considered incurable and by the improvement of the life quality level of many people.

His work research took him to live and learn with many Brazilian native Indian tribes in Amazon and Parana for more than 14 years. Graduated in Pharmacy and Agronomy, he has done energetic cures and herbal medicine therapies, finding answers to the inner alchemy.

He has developed an extra-sensorial perception of the personal energy field aiming to transmit us his knowledge and his love. He has taught his healing techniques to many and offered us the opportunity to continue and spread this wonderful work.

The personal energy alignment comes from the study of the Brazilian Native Indian tribes (Regions of Amazon & Parana) healing therapies. The healers (called Shamans) have been using rituals involving herbs, plants, initiation involving dances, singing and other rites depending on their traditions and culture. Aloysio lived with several of those tribes and participated to many of those rituals. Experiencing many different rituals which healing concepts were similar, he realized that a specific ritual was not necessary to process with the cure.

Then, after 14 years of study, he received the insight that he should come back to the city in order to spread his findings. That's when he came up with the name of "Personal Energy Alignment" (Alinhamento Energético" in Portuguese) and start practicing and teaching this truly innovative therapy without using any specific rituals and in the simplest manner.


During a personal energy alignment session, the following steps occur:

  • Reading
  • Catching / Picking up
  • Therapeutic Looking / leadership
  • Transmutation
  • Return to origins
  • Guardians/Passwords

    Without rituals, in the simplest manner, the person (subject) receiving the energy alignment, acts as the observer, in the presence of 2 therapists: one having the role of “channeler”, the other leading the session.

  • A Reading of the person's energy field will first be done. This is a personal diagnostic that will help to detect the subject's life conflicts (the conscious and/or unconscious ones and the internal and/or external ones) that prevent him/her to make the most out of himself/herself. As opposed to other kind of personal work, the person does not have to talk about his/her problems. Those are directly seen and raised by the therapist. Following the reading, the person will be able to converse with the therapist in order to well understand how those behaviors affect to his/her life.

    Then, psychological and emotional contents are raised and expressed to the person (catching/picking up). Those can be found in the person’s conscious or unconscious energy fields and the ones that are “caught” by the therapist are the ones that generate unbalance and conflicts in our life. As opposed to most types of therapies, the subject does not have to talk about his/her problems. This is the channeler who will "see", express and define - in agreement with the person - what problems or matters should be treated.

    These contents, which we call unbalanced “Personal Energy Parts”, are then worked by the therapist facilitator (Therapeutic looking/leadership), and led to the Unity Plan (where they will be Transmuted), renewing themselves with pure energy and strength (Return to origins), for them to act as personal guardians (Guardians/Passwords), providing psycho –emotional poise, health and prosperity. Those guardians can be seen as password or mantra that can help us reprogramming our memory and make happen necessary change in our life in accordance to our true essence.


    Benefits resulting from a Personal Energy Alignment are quite diverse and usually depend on the follow-up of the work done by the person. This therapy provides a change within our energy field vibration changing our frequency level that will allow us to attract more positive situation in accordance with our own evolution. The Law of attraction, explained in various movies (what the bleep do we know, the secret, the peaceful warrior…) or books (the secret by Rhonda byrne, the law of attraction by Michael Losier, the 7 laws of success by Deepak Chopra…), will be greatly stimulated by this work.

    Our energy level being now better balanced, we won’t feel the same in front of repeated or deadlock situation. But our mind is so powerful that we will still remember our way of acting even though we feel the situation is different and that there might be a way to act different. Our mind is a great tool to advance in life but can also bring us bad influence by impelling us to repeat patterns that assure a superficial and false control and freedom against a situation.

    Calling our mantra (or password) is an mental access to this balanced energy and to our true self. This is a personal keyword that will drive you to make the changes that you want in our life.

    PEA offers us the opportunity to change what is no longer needed in our life. Results of a consultation are mostly diverse and depend on the person discipline and work afterwards. It’s giving him/her the tools to make his/her own decisions but the person will always decide to do it or not. For sure, something will change in his/her life to allow the person become his/her full-self.

    When the energy has been (re)balanced and the person integrated the change in, practical change in his/her life can happen very fast. Conscience has been raised and life moves on, more accordingly to our true essence for which the Universe will always fight for and give us as many opportunities as we'd need for us to find out who we really are.


    Dominique, consultant

    One of the things I appreciate most as a result of a PEA consulting is that I am now able to free myself from some painful things that occurred in my life. I got aware that we often unconsciously maintain in our mind our negative experiences and feel good in this position of a victim. I even tried to consciously reproduce this pattern and amazingly, I could not continue to act like that. There is no point holding dear on those negative experiences and I was able to move on.

    Catherine, Artist & Coach

    I greatly appreciated Carlos in his deeply honest and legitimate way of helping others. His technique and the Mantra he gave me helped me to balance my life and lighten my preoccupations.

    René, coach & computer analyst,

    Every time I feel down, I call my mantra and it works. After connecting me with this new balanced energy inside of me, my anxiety diminishes. I am also more willing to listen and observe myself in order not to repeat the things that have been treated. I really have the feeling that I am entering in a more joyful and peaceful period. As far as my fears are concerned, I noticed that they dropped down quite a bit. I really hope I can keep those good feelings about myself.

    Virginie, Consultant & Business owner

    I keep a great impression from my meeting with Carlos. Since I did a PEA, I feel a great serenity. But there also is another great change which is extraordinary for me. I do not hesitate to introduce, launch or sell myself more freely to all potential clients. And this is a major progress for me as I have my own business.

    Céline Egyptologist

    I went to meet Carlos with a curious and interested state of mind. I left enthusiastic and interrogative. The first image the shaman saw in me made total sense. Then, he expressed some aspects of my character which are blocking my personal growth. Along the session, I felt like a warm fluid passing through my body. Maybe it was only the emotion? In the end, I really felt tired. As far as the mantra is concerned, he totally represents what I feel.

    Today, I feel more serene and it seems that my relationship with others is easier. The angle of the session has been a confirmation of a change I deeply felt (more or less consciously) inside of me. I only did not know how to gather the faith and turn my feelings into actions. This Personal growth work helped me to bring faith in me and act according to my deep feelings.

    Annabelle – Holistic Therapist & psychologist

    Carlos gave me a different look about the personal issues that I need to work on.

    It’s like looking at a painting that we’ve known for years and suddenly it appears different. Or like reading a book for the second time and perceive new things.

    I also feel a great relief as well as the acceleration of a inner transformation that I started some time ago and that ends a period, a slice of my life.

    I mostly appreciated the finesse and accurate reading of Carlos as well as the combination of firmness and gentleness of his character. The session was very peaceful and pleasant. Because I regularly do “spiritual” check ups to see if my personal development work goes forward in the right direction or not in order to understand what I need to focus on to continue to grow. And most shamanic therapies that I’ve done use scathing, raw and virulent methods. This happened because I consciously stimulated those meetings as there were responding to my deep need to go directly to the essential, to crush my ego and gain a precious time.

    When you talk about the notion of courage, I completely agree with you. Because if we are given some keys and insights, the real job is ours and we are the only one who can turn it to action.

    We need to feel the fire from within, feel the constant desire to progress inside of us and go forward. Unfortunately, people often assess the effort, the discipline and constant work to accomplish, the meaning of the fight and the need to show one’s willingness to act to evolve and change, they quickly abandon out of laziness or apathy.

    The Shamanism way is very comprehensive because it access to a spiritual dimension, as opposed to the conservative psychology which is only based on the mental plan (my initial formation). As in Carlos’ readings and healing technique, it seems indispensable to me to bring up past lives (or the baggage that our ancestors left us) in order to understand the origin or our defense mechanism, emotional blocks or innate qualities.


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